12 ” LCD Display Digital Handwriting Drawing Board with Stylus Button




Model: LCD-101

Suitable age: 2 years or older

Frame Size: 280 * 185 * 5mm

Screen size: 12 inches

Net weight: 188 g

Frame color: black, blue, green, pink, red, white

Material: Flexible LCD panel + abs frame

Input pressure: 10 ~ 20 (g)

Power Supply: CR2025 Button Cell Battery

Reflective rate: 25% ~ 30%

Display color: one color

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Warranty: 12 months


Alternative to traditional paper, erase your image using the erase button, eco-friendly and green

Environmental protection, also saving you a lot of money.

A good company for children in everyday life and study

Good for spelling, arithmetic, spelling and drawing practice. Let the children study their unlimited creativity, wherever

They are at home or in the car. A good way to help in educating children about environmental protection at the same time.

Open your heart-talk, listen

Sign language is not so widely popular, and it makes it uncomfortable when those who have a bad hearing

Or can not talk to the world. And this LCD board really will do a great favor for them.

They themselves understood and definitely facilitate communication.

Love from the family, -to-do lists of dictaphones, reminder messages.

Ideal for recording in lists, shopping lists, appointment reminders, short memos and left notes for friends and family.

Say goodbye to the museum workers’ districts.

Are you annoyed by the paper flying in your office? Do you want to keep your work area free and organized?

That’s it! Our Parblo LCD display will drive all problems and keep you in a good working mood. Ideal for

Designers, business people, office workers, teachers and doctors, etc.

Best tool for family / evening For fun activities

Games like bingo, hangars, nout and crosses, etc., will add pleasure to everyday life and we will gather time and this

The LCD board will definitely become a good tool.

Ultra thin and portable, only 4.5mm thick, conveniently placed in a backpack.

Create several variations in line width and color hue using the stylus.

Made of durable, non-toxic shock-resistant plastic.


0 ° C to 40 ° C

Avoid touching water or soaking in a liquid

Avoid using sharp objects that scratch the screen

Please use a clean cloth for wiping

The package includes:

1 * 12 ” LCD tablet for writing

1 * stylus



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